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It is decor, an integral part of tradition at any reception and yes, dessert. With so many options available as to style, flavor and size, selecting the perfect cake may seem a daunting task. In truth, deciding on a cake that will enhance a wedding experience is fun. It is very important cake selection is not left till the last moment. The Cakery will do it's best to exceed expectations, but ordering early ensures all questions or concerns are answered and we well have ample opportunity to create a cake that will delight .
The first consideration will likely be appearance. Of course you'll want to compliment the theme of your wedding. Perhaps you'll desire a unique cake that steps outside the box and says something special about the newly married couple. If you're tastes run to the more traditional wedding cake, there are still many options that ensure your cake will be uniquely your own. Browse our gallery of wedding cakes, start with an open mind. You may discover options that hadn't occurred to you. To help you with your decision, keep in mind the reception area decor and color theme. Some brides will even provide us a bit of lace from the gown for reference. Feel free to contact us with questions that may arise as you mentally craft the idea cake can be served as the centerpiece of the reception.
The next consideration will be taste. The Cakery prides itself on cakes that please the palette as much as the eye. Today's wedding cakes are no longer restricted to a white interior. This allows a myriad of flavors available to you. Check out our list of available flavors and book yourself a tasting appointment. We'll happily supply you with a variety cake types to sample. Varying flavors between cake layers helps ensure a dessert that will please every guest.

Finally, how much cake will be needed? Whether you decide on an individual wedding cake, a bride and groom cake, the currently popular display of cupcakes, or an additional sheet cake, we can help you determine the correct amount to satisfy your wedding guests.